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Paid Hosting - Reviews
Hai again! I decided that we should make a thread to determine the best paid hosts, as well as ones to avoid. If you want to contribute, please rate the host on a scale of one to ten (one being the worst, and ten being the best) on the following categories:
speed: Both ping and page load time.
space: Bandwidth limit / disk space.
service: If you had an issue, how quickly was it resolved? Did you have to go through multiple channels? Were the support reps nice?
savings: An overall bang for your buck score

please make 1 post per review.
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions? PM me
These are the rules Please read them.
My tip jar: 1FqukbmrZf2EnnKYf3BkioWTYysqnynFWy
Speed: 7
Space: 9 + 4 (B/W + Disk)
Service: 10
Savings: 9 (I got $100 credit free. You can get more credit/paypal if you write tutorials for them)

I recommend DigitalOcean wholeheartedly.
Happy to help. PM me or use the Shoutbox to get my attention!
[ Retired Staff. ]
php-friends (German website)
Speed: 9
Space: 8 / 6
Service: 7 (Good but German only)
Savings: 8 (They offer very cheap servers. Con may be that there is a minimal period of 3 months)
with best regards,
(mit freundlichen Grüßen,)

If you are in the Uk, it would have to be GoDaddy. Its the one to trust!!!!
Space: 9 + 4 (B/W + Disk)
Service: 9
Savings: 3 (They take a lot of money.)
A Small Orange - Shared cPanel Hosting

Speed: 8 (Though shared the hosting is quite fast and the downtime is very low. I average less than a few minutes per half year or so)
Space: 7 + 6 (B/W + Disk)
Service: 9( Live chat is always there to save you incase of any trouble so that's there)
Savings: 7(Quite expensive as compared to traditional hosts such as GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc)
I've got a shared hosting account with Siteground. Experience with Siteground has been awesome. Customer service is excellent. I haven't needed to use their ticket system to date as everything has worked perfect from day one. Theirs is a cPanel hosting account.

Most recently I tried bluebirdhosting.ca from Canada. Reason I chose them is that I wanted to learn what the user experience is for DirectAdmin, and their hosting is shared DirectAdmin panel hosting. There aren't that many shared hosts who offer Directadmin hosting any longer. I've got a few years experience with cpanel and WHM so initially found DirectAdmin really clumsy, and they were using a Darwin skin that created problems when I added domains. I then got the opportunity to use their ticket system as well when I asked for a classic skin. And I can recommend them as well. Speed in excellent. Their ticket system works great. I like DirectAdmin. It's not cPanel, but it works well. Only thing is that it tends to get one's IP blocked quite fast when one is struggling with something. I got blocked when I had a problem to upload a file with File Manager. Which is the negative offsetting side of a great positive. I'm almost certain that security is greater as a consequence. I'm now in the process of looking around for a VPS to try out DirectAdmin panel from the Admin side of things.
Well I have had used so many web hosting providers and I don't even remember names of most of them. Some of those were just waste of time and money. Bought because I wanted hosting for cheap or offers were irresistible. I learned my lesson hard way about buying stuff when it looks too good to be true.

Anyway Knownhost is the best paid hosting provider I have used to so far. I have been using one of their vps for around 5 years now. They are expensive but headache-less. One of the best manage vps providers if you can afford their prices. I rarely have to contact support and never have disappointed yet.

Hostwinds support seems good too. I have had 2 servers at WeLoveSevers. These 2 vps are annually paid but pretty much impossible to use. I had even given up trying to use those 2 servers. Then Hostwinds has taken over WLS and now they have moved all vps to their own racks and given new IP addresses (Whole old ip range was blacklisted). Their support is really good and they seems know what their doing.
digital ocean
Space: 9 + 4 (B/W + Disk)
Service: 10
Savings: 5

speed: 8 (Good ping, decent speed)
space: 10
service: 9 (I had some hardware failure, which was fixed in about ~10 hours)
savings: 10 (The plans are one of the most accessible, comparing with the performance it provides)

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