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Free Hosting - Trusted & Scams
(11-11-2016, 07:50 PM)rrobyf Wrote: I need a free hosting that giving a ssh access. I using it for my bitvise program.

Usually hosts don't give you ssh access on a free hosting because they don't know what your going to use it for...  Maybe you should get a vps here and host your web server on the vps?
anyone tell me that How's the MOFH reseller.
The servers are from BYETHOST.
(11-17-2016, 01:55 AM)abdulsami34 Wrote: anyone tell me that How's the MOFH reseller.
The servers are from BYETHOST.

The what reseller?  I'm confused, I know Byethost is alright since I use it, but I'm switching off of there, the resource cap is sometimes too small to use..
I'm using byethost for maybe months now.
They provide Unlimited space , but i don't know if it is but i uploaded
More than 5 gb of my data using a rdp.So i dind't you should edit your post!.
Thanks for telling us about this. Will use this soon! Usually most hosts are scams and I don't know why. :l
Best free web host was 0-host.net but now it's closed.
10GB Bandwidth
1000MB Diskspace
10 Addon Domains
10 Subdomains
10 Parked Domains
Latest cPanel

Uptime 99%+
It wasn't able to hold many users online at the same time, but it was still one of the best in free hosting websites.
Please post similar alternative. (With clear cPanel, without ads etc.)
Please update this thread,
It looks like onewebhost and hostinganl is dead.
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