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Hello i am new !
Hello, i'm new too Smile
Welcome to us, le'ts get the free vps
woohoo lets try our best to get the new vpn :Smile) Smile
(10-25-2015, 10:57 AM)Scáth Wrote: We don't have a.non-English moderation team, so this would not be possible. Sorry.
Still! the website is still great  Big Grin .
Hello Guys from all over the world..
I come from Asia, i join Thiss server cause i want to making some rust server..
I'm new Here my first objective is getting points until $50 so i can spend for free VPS..
Nice to Know You Guys thank you...
Nice to meet you.
If you want french, you should use chrome browser.
Have a nice day.
i live in italy, i will host some project dosen't need good latency (to dallas i will ping 150)
Hello and Welcome to Free Domain Club, MasterM. Hope you enjoy your time here. Post good stuff, earn points and get the free VPS, follow the forums rules and you will have a blast. Hope to see you post.
Since this thread keeps getting bumped, I am going to lock it.
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions? PM me
These are the rules Please read them.
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