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What do you guys use for web design ?
I use a number of tools for my web development. I use brackets with some plugins for things like html, css, less, stylus, sass, php, and javascript. Brackets has some really nice features. I also use geany, depending on what system I am on... Then there's your average text editors, I use gedit on gnome, and usually geany on other systems. I use GIMP for editing images. For markdown, I use brackets and Remarkable.

I'm with @corymon. IDE is the way to go. However, I run linux operating systems exclusively. Therefore, things like Dreamweaver are of no use. Geany has some nice features as a lightweight IDE, but for more intense needs one might use NetBeans or Eclipse. I have found that Brackets pretty much provides everything I need in a development app, though.
I always use Brackets for code and Ps for photos since they are really easy to use.
I love how many people jumped in and said notepad.  I thought I was one of only a few who liked to open a text editor and go to town.  There's tons of web design software out there but if you look at the page source when you're finished you end up with a big jumbled mess of code, most of which you don't need anyway.  

If your goal is efficiency, coding by hand is the only way to fly!
I use Notepad ++ Its really intuitive and I like how its just simple and basic. Although Sublime is epic aswell
Notepad++ for sure is the best to start from scratch.But, if you are running out of time you should go with instant ONLINE webdesign software, mate Big Grin
I am not good in web designing but if i need to do simple code i use Notepad++
Well if it's specifically "Web designing" I mostly would use some WYSIWYG website builders because you can just drag-and-drop things and finish off the website quickly.
I sometimes prefer things like WordPress and its other alternatives which are mostly content management systems to get thigs done fast.
For doing things online would recommend either Weebly, SquareSpace or Wix.
For other things, I get manual, open up notepad and try performing what I want to accomplish.
Hope that helps.
(05-22-2017, 10:57 AM)mataj Wrote: I am not good in web designing but if i need to do simple code i use Notepad++

Hahahahaha... so do i

Just find free template editing css and get it a little modivication with my imagination
Also, usually i do compile 3 or less template to make 1 of my fixed template Tongue
These days I rarely touch Dreamweaver. All my sites use Wordpress so I don't have to use Editors for most cases. With all crazy Algorithm changes Google does It's easy to do all stuff with Wordpress.
(04-19-2015, 06:39 AM)bo2freak Wrote: Well so i wan't to know what you guys use for web design/development because i know a few good programs but i don't like them at all.
So tell me what do you guys like to program/design websites in ?

CorelDraw and PhotoShop

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