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What do you guys use for web design ?
I use a number of tools for my web development. I use brackets with some plugins for things like html, css, less, stylus, sass, php, and javascript. Brackets has some really nice features. I also use geany, depending on what system I am on... Then there's your average text editors, I use gedit on gnome, and usually geany on other systems. I use GIMP for editing images. For markdown, I use brackets and Remarkable.

I'm with @corymon. IDE is the way to go. However, I run linux operating systems exclusively. Therefore, things like Dreamweaver are of no use. Geany has some nice features as a lightweight IDE, but for more intense needs one might use NetBeans or Eclipse. I have found that Brackets pretty much provides everything I need in a development app, though.
I always use Brackets for code and Ps for photos since they are really easy to use.
I love how many people jumped in and said notepad.  I thought I was one of only a few who liked to open a text editor and go to town.  There's tons of web design software out there but if you look at the page source when you're finished you end up with a big jumbled mess of code, most of which you don't need anyway.  

If your goal is efficiency, coding by hand is the only way to fly!
I use Notepad ++ Its really intuitive and I like how its just simple and basic. Although Sublime is epic aswell
Notepad++ for sure is the best to start from scratch.But, if you are running out of time you should go with instant ONLINE webdesign software, mate Big Grin
I am not good in web designing but if i need to do simple code i use Notepad++

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