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Adf.ly is banned in my place...Many out of India utilize this for procuring and sharing out stuffs to the people.


http://adf.ly has actually been reported as a website for phishing and general scams. Bewarned. I recommend you use http://adfoc.us, they have very efficient support and they do give the highest payout (US)!


I am preferring MediaFire, DrobBox,  Solid Files Than adFly.


(12-09-2016, 12:41 AM)youssefbasha Wrote: I am preferring MediaFire, DrobBox,  Solid Files Than adFly.

Adf.ly is not a file uploading/sharing site, It is a site that pays you for each clicks on "Skip Ad" on the Short Link they give you. To be more clear, using Ad.fly you can make longer links like "https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130808083226AAo7NAe" into a short "http://adf.ly/1gYVza" and it pays for Each people that click "Skip Ad" in those links. To be honest, earning is quite hard in Ad.fly if you don't get lots lots of traffic each day.
Thank you FreeDomain.Club For my VPS.


If you have not huge amount of users there is no point, adf.ly pays about 1$ for 1000 clicks I think


i like to be use it and i seen already my friends use adfly to there facebook and google+ and many more sites linked.
but i am totally new to learn. so need a good tutorial. i know many of my friends here suggest me to google it. but if i always google every solution. then how can i keep alive this community. and experts gives me a checked right ways to learn so need your help please.


if you have a site with 1k - 5k visitors per day you will get decent profit from it


(02-01-2015, 06:35 PM)Hugop Wrote: adf.ly is a site where users can earn money from sharing links and content to web viewers. Great for blog owners and site owners. Although you do not have to own a site to earn. You can earn from shortening your favorite links and sharing it with other people. Image links, web links, or file links are just a few ways you can use this site for. Adf.ly has been online and paying since May 2009. It was the best paid url shortener 2014. 

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I used this service in past and not got 1 registering client from that ADS...

I will try again very soon.


I use adf.ly on both my blog and youtube channel, payout isn't that good at all but can help to buy some humble bundles, and earlier the ads was less intrusive (now most times you open in Android for example, your phone vibrate and a virus popup is shown), I wouldn't recommend it anymore..


The site has been suffered by the theft of phony scammers in the last pots where accounts have been cracked through special config ..So I do not recommend using it to earn mony "online"..

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