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HMD Decided to move in Finland


To improve data security, HMD is moving data from Nokia phones to Finland. Nokia smartphone users knows well HMD securty and innovations. this is a good news for Nokia users because security is going to be more strong and reliable. even in next updates.
Going forward, HMD-made Nokia phones will be sending activation and performance data to Google Cloud servers in Finland. This data will be under the EU’s data privacy regulations, including GDPR.
The first phones to make the move are the new Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 2.2. Older models will join in with the Android Q update, which will start rolling out later this year and complete in 2020.

The data will be collected on Google Cloud servers in Hamina, Finland. HMD has also partnered with consultancy firm CGI to analyze the data to look for ways to improve the user experience on current phones and design future models.


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