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External Storage Health


My new 4 TB WD Elements 2.5" is just dying (just 3 months old). I have made a claim for repair, replacement or my money back. Sending the package back tomorrow.

So it is pretty common. Nothing to do with where you are and which brand you buy. I thought better of WD but that is the second drive dying this year already. Sure the first one was really old but nontheless it died suddenly without any prior sign. That new one is atleast dying with clear notice.

I should have checked comments on Amazon before ordering on the other store... People clearly described having the same issues I had as dying syndroms. And that is your WD drive for over 100 Euro... Just wow.

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Darn!  I bought a new WD last month - it was on a special, and maybe there's a reason for that.  Haven't used it yet as am planning to prune my backups while I'm loading them on the new WD and reduce the number of my external hard disks - like phase out the older ones.  Now that I'm thinking about this and reading HR's post.  Maybe as long as my older Seagate and Toshiba external hard disks are still alive, I should keep them in addition to the new WD and Toshiba I purchased.  Probably better to diversify among as many hard disks as one has collected over the years and to keep them for as long as the going is good on them.  Like Hidden Refuge said.  Disaster can strike at any time of the life of the external hard disk regardless of its age. 

Reminds me I should do some backups of my computer and files soon.  Computer hard disks can also fail, particularly when there are as man power outages as my computer had to suffer through over the last few months.  Went down again today without any warning due to electrical fault - and those always worry me.  Probably need to strongly consider the purchase of a UPS.  Giving me a headache however to decide which one to get.  I'm presently thinking of getting a very cheap one to hook up only my computer, monitor and WiFi  modem.  

Apart from low price I like the one above as looks as though it's dual voltage.  I'm not completely decided yet, but may be moving to Canada so anything electronically need to be dual voltage for me.  I'd want to take the UPS with me.

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