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Temperature of your Homeland


Hi guys. It's December. The end of Year 2018. and now we like to discuss about weather conditions and temperature of your homeland.
here is so cold. temp down to 0 degree to -1. and nights are more cold.


I'm in the southern hemisphere presently. We're experiencing a heatwave with enormous temperatures - like worst in history. Where I am however on the coast, we do get winds that cool things a little.


Here too cold. heavy clouds cold winds, snowfall on surrounding hill areas. temperature is about 0 to -1 in nights. and average 5 degree.


I have Cold and flu due to very cold weather in my city. last week i was go for visit to northern hills area of gilgit and china boarder. we are stuck in snow. heavy snowfall this year.


We are averaging about 60F during the day and 35F during the night right now. Did you knkow that cold weather does not cause colds or the flu?


Are you serious? i don't know that. because here mostly diseases like cold, flu, cough etc start in cold weather. specially in fog and smog season. because of dry cold weather. and it's very ordinary in winter season. 

Now i am sharing video of the area i was go for visit. i am sure this video makes your day beautiful.



Summers is open gates in Pakistan. Temperature is about 30 degree in day time. Hot sunny weather.

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