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Next Gen Phones


Hello all friends. i am interested to buy next generation smartphone with amazing magical look. but i am confused with those 3 recently launched phones
one of them is Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
second is Huawei Honor Magic 2
and the 3rd one is Lenovo Z5 pro

detailed specifications are linked below because i don't make this post too lengthy.

Huawei Honor magic 2 VS Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 VS Lenovo Z5 Pro





Share your experience if anyone use one of these phones.

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I think if you Google this you'll get a much better response.  I find GSmarena.com a really great site for detailed reviews with substance.  You can start with this comparison for the Top 10:


Then check up on the three phones you're interested in.


My father has a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, it's a great phone, easily compared to my S9+ and cost less.. I would go for the Mi Mix 3.


I'm hoping for a next generation of phones that are minimal phones. Like all they do is phone, message and take photos. They also must be able to completely disconnect from Google and WiFi. I hate it that a Smart Phone can literally be tracked every where.


Mi Mix 3 launching in UK on 16 January 2019 with the 6GB/128GB variant.with the price of 500 Pounds, it's about 88,500 PKR if not any extra taxes applied.

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