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DNS Jumper


DNS Jumper is a simple application, without installation, that allows to change DNS easily . DNS, or Domain Name System , are servers that take care of translating the domain names to the IP address. DNS occurs when a connection between two computers is established, for example, when you access a site. Sometimes this connection can be slow if the DNS has problems. DNS Jumper is a useful tool that helps to change DNS server, by choosing it from a predefined list .

One of the outstanding features of DNS Jumper is the ability to have up to twenty different providers , without having to memorize them. In addition, the user manual is very simple: just select the DNS server you want. You can also add new servers , or search for the fastest DNS.

DNS Jumper can help you make faster connections without major complications.

NOTE: Security software like Avast or Malwarebytes can cause very high resolution times, so if you use any of them, add DnsJumper to the exclusion list. ZoneAlarm security software can block DNS Jumper ping, Configure ZoneAlarm to allow ping messages,




Looks like a good software to have thanks @Sagher. Of course one could create a VPN on one's server as well. That may be an alternative way to do it as well. But for those who don't want to, the DNS Jumper sounds like a good option to go for.

If I may ask, have you ever seen DNS problems with SSL when one uses the DNS Jumper?


It is mostly normal. SSL have problem with you using these kind of software. i think it is some kind of dns filter who messup with SSL certificates.


I tried this software and had SSL Problems too, isn't there any security problem related? like they get our data?

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