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Unlock Huawei 3G EVO Device


Hello all dear members.

Today i am sharing with you a very useful information regarding SIM Unlocking of Huawei 3G EVO devices.
for the first i chose a old one.
Model Number is : Huawei E8231s-1
Hardware ver.       : CH1E8231SM
Dashboard version: WEBUI_17.

Now start this adventure.

1- Plug Device with PC and auto run software driver file.
2- now unplug device and open it. and short the boot point as mention in image
3- use a jumper wire and short this point with ground point. and after it insert back device with pc.
4- after this you can see Huawei boot modem drivers enlist in device manager port area.
5- open dc unlocker and click on search icon. you ll find device info.
6- in short condition open the main application E8231s unlocker. and press any key
7- the boot loader is start loading and step by step 3 process will be complete
8- after 3rd process final you see " press any key to cont ...." but dont press yet.
9- unplug device from pc and unshort jumper and again plug device as normal.
10- now press any key for further firmware update
11- at the end you have a popup application for web ui interface.
12- see complete video also for guideline.
13- all files are attached into the link bellow.

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Good tutorial but just a warning to those who have a warranty with their device. Most smart phone providers have a clause in their warranty that if you unlock the device that the warranty will be automatically voided. You will be charged for any repairs. Unless you are an expert and really know what you're doing, better to get a professional to do it if it is absolutely necessary to do it.


Yes but mostly service providers in my country only claims software warranty only for a year or 6 months. this tutorial is really so safe and i use it on Telenor 3G evo and it's worked so smoothly with all network provider's SIM including DATA SIM and CALLING SIM.


Thanks a lot for the info, it should help our users here on the forumSmile


Welcome @ rcoliveirajr with this kind of response i soon share with you some new model devices unlock tutorials. and members have no need to search many links and waste of time to search best unlocking methods on google.

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