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Keep Forum Alive

(This post was last modified: 12-07-2018, 07:15 PM by deanhills.)

To be honest @Sagher I was responding to what you said earlier in the thread and I even quoted what you said when I responded to it.  This is what you said and what I responded to:

Sagher Wrote:..... but with the passage of time we have many active users but we have lack of administration. no one can sortout problems. no one manage forum. Corey was busy that times. and members cut out with anger. i am also login daily to see when system back to normal. post count is disturbed bitterly. the old members knows it.
1. I tried to point out that there wasn't a shortage of Admin who were present in the Forum over the last few months, but there was a shortage of members.
2. That you haven't been logged in daily for a very long time - until now.  However, we're happy to see you back and posting again.  Smile


@ deanhills First sorry for my poor english. i really not describe what i wish to express with. i pointout Admins just to mean that if members who not active since 6 months you can remove them with warning of one week. and makes some creative changes in forum to looks like alive. just check this month posts. only me and some two or three others who keep posting. and no one who replied to the thread. still now check the latest activity log. all posts are mine. no one replied. no opportunities of discussion.

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