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Clip-OS an open source securised OS (ANSSI)


Hello everybody,

Does anybody has tried the new OS CLIP-OS. It's a open source packages to improve the security of your OS. The sources are available here : https://www.ssi.gouv.fr/administration/s...ises/clip/
ANSSI is the "Agence Nationnale de la sécurité des systèmes informatiques" (National Computing Security Agency). They work on the electronic security.

As soon as I test this, I will report my experience here. But if someone has already test it, his experience is welcome !


Is this by any chance related to the security agency of the French government in France (a government agency)? It sounds to me so pretty much and that is a big problem. In this case I would simply keep my fingers way from this or anything else released by a government security agency that claims to bring some kind of security.

If you haven't learned from the NSA exposure... This scandal... I mean what do the governments do? They do the exact opposite thing. One or two years ago the French government has granted the security agency more rights and power to monitor the French citizen, other people in France and other countries. The same has basically happened everywhere. The UK GCHQ got more power and also the German BND.

The governments are giving a crap about their citizens and mess around with them even harder.


II did not think that subscribing to this forum would make me work my english so much Wink...

So, you're right, it's the french government agency. But I didn't listen about this scandals, you know, I'm a real nub in security, I just thought that ANSI was a real beneficent especially that project is participate one, they call cityzens to improve their code and make it better...

In France, we have an expression : "I live in the world of the Care Bears..." Everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice.

But what you tell call me and i'll read some articles on that subject...

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