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Hi evrybody !


Hello everyone,

I'm very glad to introduce myself on this site Smile. I'm from Lyon in France and work in... computing. I've just start a new job in Ansible, so if you have any problem with your playbook, i will be happy to help you as I can...

I have to improuve my english, so be in a english-spoken forum is a good thing for me.

Have a nice day and see you soon ^.


Welcome to FreeVPS.club @Cyrilpop. Nice to make an acquaintance with someone from France. Smile


Welcome to FreeVPS Club(Formerly known af FDC). You have not only joined a free vps post2host forum, but a community. Or maybe I am wrong? It's a family! Just like every family has it's own rule to abide to maintain the discipline, you too have to follow one! Checkout our family/club's rule in "Club Rules" section.

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