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So... you Apple guys think Apple is perfect?


Now a new breaking news is a china market companies Huawei and Xiaomi are now the more fastest growing and smartphone selling companies in 2018. Huawei beat record as a best performance and selling brand in 2018 and Xiaomi is beats the ratio of selling in one year. also beats as launching more and more smartphone models. most of Xiaomi mobile models are copied from iPhone. even you can not judge some of them in first look.


Agreed that Huawei is growing at a very fast pace. They are very popular in South Africa because they are also more affordable and maintenance is good. Xiaomi is not as widely known here yet.


Oh Apple ! are you serious or just a rumor?? yesterday i saw it while searching of new smartphones on youtube and wonder to see this..

check out and say something about it. is this really exist?



Looks interesting. Can see however how they'll need plenty of added tools so one won't let it fall. Can't imagine it would have an easy grip to it - one would have to purchase a tool that holds it steady. I doubt I'll ever buy an Apple again though.


Everything you told is right, Apple is only surviving by their zombie fans which likes only because of it's name..


I think more and more customers choose android.
Becouse android is open and fully customizable.

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