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custom domain and registrar?
Hi! I'm have a doutb. Is too hard to get a custom domain? I mean for example *.love

I'm interesting to get a service like that, I know that can be quite expensite but i'm interested to know is any know the process to request to a registrar a custom domain similar to this one.

Would love to hear your thoughts

thx on advance
You need funds in heights of atleast 5 digits if not even more to register your own *TLD extension with ICANN and it also involves running costs you have to pay month for month and year for year.
thx Hidden Refuge, is good to know, maybe on a beyond future can i considerate this alternative again, or maybe pray for they validate the domain i need hahaha
@kusanagi u can use http://www.1and1.com it gives you custom domains.
(12-26-2016, 04:08 PM)youssefbasha Wrote: @kusanagi u can use http://www.1and1.com it gives you custom domains.

I advise you to use one of the already present tlds because creating your own custom tlds, will cost you a lot. 

But there is an alternate way for that. Instead of example.cus make it .example.cus.com or something like that  in which the custom tld should be the domain and make a subdomain. This is an efficient way I think. Reply in this thread if you have any doubts

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