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Eternal Lands
This month I've returned to the medieval style mmorpg Eternal Lands. The website is http://eternal-lands.com

I don't want to talk much about this game. The descriptions are easy to find. But its features are:

1. Quite old.
2. The client is opensource, so the native linux support.
3. 3D.
4. It has very minimal system requirements. Simply to play on ten years old laptops.
5. Free to play. It has nice paid options. They are all unnecessary.

The special feature: there are beautiful artwork in this game. The world consists of two continents with many maps. Each has own history and tendency, so I like just walk on them. It calms me after real life work day. Ah, forgot: the music and sounds are wonderful as well. As for me, this mmorpg game is the art. Nope, THE ART. I recommend you google it and look at the screenshots.

Anyway it's not very active. So no tons of bloody killed peoples or so. Nice and quiet. If you have any questions, just ask me. Or meet me ingame Wink

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