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Hello From Ireland
Hi, I am in Ireland in a rural area so the connection is not good. A VPS is good to have under those circumstances because I can't be online 24/7 and the bandwidth, specially the upload, is quite low.

I came across this forum while looking for info about VPSs and it looks like the kind of place I might find advice on setting things up, while learning how it all works. Also as I learn I hope to contribute knowledge back. 

Looking forward to getting to know folks and learning how to set up and run VPSs.
All the best
Internet Freedom for groups, schools and individuals in Africa
Hi Andy

Welcome to this place. We need more of these networking/ web programming people to contribute ideas and knowledge to the rest. Check around the forum, you can see people raising up problems, or sharing advice.
I myself also have raised a question.  https://www.freevps.club/showthread.php?tid=2897, its about PHP.

Jack Tay

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