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Just a survey, on your game preference
Hello guys, I am currently trying to start up a game and I was wondering what kind of game I should make, so I created this survey. I hope you take your time to participate, I will be posting a link to the game here once it's done. 

Google Forms Poll

Thank you all  Heart
Can you explain it more please? What we must do? Tell Us Smile .

Eh... what? It is a survey. You vote for items listed there based on your views and opinions. No one ever asked you a question? Surveys are lists of questions.

Although I'm sure language is a barrier here I find it hard to believe you never heard about what a survey is.
Just select the option you like, I just want to know what kind of game the majority wants to play. I put the two games specific because they are within the categories I wish to make. And if other players select other and put a specific game I would have to categorize them manually.
Done. I choosed other and typed GTA SA. What is your vote guys.
Put more options to choose, just 2 games I know barely =p 99.9% who made that put in Other and typed other game lololololololololol
I limited the options to those two because I wanted to limit the genre, If you want another game, you could always pick other and type the game you wish.
Hmmm, too common types are listed in that poll. Swords in futuristic world and guns in medieval world are allowed by the minds of some developers. Looks like a google survey test.
I have done it! Hope it helps! I would love to tr yourr game when it is finished Smile

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