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New member intro
Hi, my name is LangerHam. I am new to freevps. club. I am a gamer plus designer and programmer. Please forgive me if i have any mistakes on this intro paragraph. I have three favourite games which I play everyday, they are: osu!, Warframe & PlanetSide 2. This game named osu! may sound weird but believe me this game is really awesome to my opinian you should try this game. As for programming I do C#. I am a self-taught programmer, I have been programming and learning it for nearly 3 years and still doing it. I am still a student for which I face difficulty on doing stuff I like to do such as programming. My mom keeps on telling me to study and spend time on some subjects which i feel are unneccessary for a person like me. Anyways, as for designing I use Adobe which is kinda what everyone uses. I was redirected here by one of my friend named Ankon who gave me a chane to use all these nice features. Thanks for this oppurtunity. This is all i have to say.
Hey LangerHam and welcome to the forums.
Hope you have a nice stay and enjoy the features.
Be sure to check the rules of posting and read the F.A.Q
Thanks for coming here and as I expected you would love their features.
Ok...see you around pretty soon..
Enjoy your stay.

Welcome Mate to freevps.club have fun with us Smile and PM me if you want help.

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