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What is your favourite MOBA game
Anyone from the forum plays MOBA game, if so which one do you play and what role do you usually play?

I will start by saying that I play Dota 2 a game by Valve because I really like strategic games.

I play this game alot with my friends and I really like the fast mechanics, ganking, simply not knowing what is gonna happen or who you are gonna get attacked by every minute.

I used to play core and carry mosly, but recently I have been playing support and mostly roaming heroes, because I have a dream, being the best attack helicopter there is by playing spirit breaker lol. I just like ravaging through the cotton fields and clubbing players to death.

My favourite heroes are: Outworld Devourer, Spirit Breaker, Zeus, Pudge & Tinker.

What about you?
What is your favourite MOBA, hero and your playstyle ?
im play dota 2 and league of legend and paladin and cs go and warframe and and and ......
My favorite MOBA is Paragon and League of legends! Of those two i like Paragon the best!

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