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Hello !
Big Grin 
Hello, I am mostly known by g6line as I do not like to use my real name cuz many people think its russian Smile

I am a young enthusiast who is looking for a ways to earn money online by using google adsense, I just got started and would like to get a free vps for the sole purpose of webhost and maybe a small ts server for a small group of gaming friends.

I am looking forward to make new friends and meet same minded people on this forum and around the world !

Thanks for having me here,
Hello @g6line , Welcome to FVC.Smile
Enjoy your stay!Smile I'm always here to help.
Hey friend welcome here. You might want to take a look at the general rules and F.A.Q section.
Hope you enjoy your stay and be delighted by the features this forum has to offer.
Hope to see you with your server soon.

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