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What's the best internet provider in your country?
I live in bangladesh and the internet here Is shit,every ISP has their ups and downs,the one I have has a decent download speed and decent ping at the cost of having a PPPoE connection.While other ISPs provide real static IPs but cap their download speeds heavily(talking 80kbps here)
In the US I would say Google Fiber. It offers 1Gbit upload and download speeds.
I seem to have lived in countries over the last few years where there is only one meaningful internet supplier. South Africa is very interesting though. It also has only one meaningful supplier - Telkom - that is quite shocking in its poor service. So ancillary services have sprung up where teams of technicians band together to build some infrastructure to create powerful hotspots in local communities - very profitable. I.e. one gets a little tower on one's roof with a dish that faces to a telecommunications tower that has been set up by the technicians. The more towers they can build of course the bigger the business. It's not as reliable when the wind is blowing, but it does work. I preferred to go through the great frustration of dealing with Telkom, and after three months of hard battle finally lucked out - like if one persists it does work out in the end. Nothing beats a real line to one's home. Wonder how long it's going to take for something similar to happen in the UAE. I'd have thought hotspot technology with hotspot towers should have been around everywhere by now. Seems to make plenty of ex Telkom technicians bundles of money.
Australia. None of them are good. All only achieve about 11Mbps a best. And upload is like 0.7. And this is with some of the best internet the country provides. There are countries without running water that have better internet.
in the uk the most we can get is 150mbps down and around 2.5 mbps up that is a isp called virgin media
PLDT but it still sucks on gaming still laging we pay $20 monthly for 3mbps connection

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