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Discuss the simple PHP-based uv statistical thinking
Encountered on a home page on the UV PV statistics, the idea probably has, or want to come out to discuss, to see if there is no better ideas.

PV: did not have to say, for specific api example / channels, request a pv ++
UV: consider the use of HTTP_COOKIE + REMOTE_ADDR as unique index, pv increase each time when the query record the day, if there is no hit to increase a UV record

Here are a few questions:
1. UV logic there is a big loophole, because the user can manually clear the cookies, but I personally feel that this basic can not be avoided at the BS level. Welcome to propose a better UV screening program
2. In principle, the number of PV increase is higher than the UV, and is the order of magnitude, in fact, can do some cache work, but I use the restful api design, in order to consider future more adaptive multi-server load, PV increased, the UV-related operations, the same welcome to provide relevant ideas.
3 on the third party, not not considered, but how to say, finally gave up. If useful third-party experience, welcome to share.

Ok, so much, I hope this afternoon, this post will give you a hint of discussion of the fun, nice day.

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