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How to Install MyBB Forums Manually and Security Setup
How to Install MyBB Forums Manually and Security Setup:

Installing MyBB Forums via automatic installer is so easy however installing it manually takes some time but your MyBB Forums is much safer then automated installer.

Download the latest version MyBB from their website. Located here - https://mybb.com/download/
Click on: http://i65.tinypic.com/1077407.png

Uploading Files:
In the archive you extracted earlier there will be two directories: Documentation and Upload. The Documentation directory contains useful information, however you need not upload it to your server. The Upload directory contains the various files needed to run the MyBB software on your host.

directory to either your website root directory (sometimes called www. htdocs  httpdocs or public_html), or a subdirectory of your root directory (such as /forums or /community). It is not recommended that you upload the entire `Upload/` directory as it can lead to confusion when accessing & adminstering your forum.

The process of uploading your files will depend on your hosting configuration, but FTP is the most common method. FileZilla is a free FTP client suitable for uploading MyBB.

File Permissions:
Certain file permissions are required for MyBB to function correctly. Once you’ve uploaded your files you will need to set the permissions on certain files and directories.

** Before applying file permissions, rename config.default.php to config.php
*nix systems via CHMOD

If you have SSH access, you can apply the necessary permissions via the following command, executed from your root MyBB directory:

chmod 666 inc/config.php inc/settings.php
chmod 777 cache/ cache/themes/ uploads/ uploads/avatars/

Optionally, you can also apply the following permissions:

chmod 666 inc/languages/english/*.php inc/languages/english/admin/*.php
chmod 777 cache/ cache/themes/ uploads/ uploads/avatars/ admin/backups/

If you are using FileZilla you can right click on a file or directory and click File Attributes to modify the permissions of that file.

To access the installer you must navigate to the /install directory of your site in your web browser. For example, if your domain is example.com and you uploaded your MyBB files to the root directory then navigate to http://example.com/install, or if you uploaded to a /forums subdirectory then navigate to http://example.com/forums/install.

Welcome to MyBB Install:
If you have successfully uploaded your files and navigated to the installer you should be presented with a page like this:
Screenshot: http://i64.tinypic.com/24wdnag.png

All you need to do is click Next on this page, it's that simple for this part.

License Agreement
Important: - You must read and agree to the license agreement before you can install MyBB. You must adhere to the license agreement at all times while the board is installed. After reading the agreement, click the Next button on this page.

If you would like more information about the GNU LGPL license and what it means for you consult the GNU website.

Requirements Check - Let's check your Requirements before we install MyBB:
This page checks that your server meets the requirements for running MyBB. If it does not, you will be notified on this page. If everything is working correctly, all you need to do is click on the Next button on this page.

Screenshot: http://i68.tinypic.com/2cogax0.png

Database (MySQL) Configuration 
This page is for the configuration of your database. If you have JavaScript enabled, only fields relevant to your selected engine will be displayed. Below is an explanation of each field:

Database Engine:
This is the engine that you wish to use. At most, the options available will be MySQL, MySQL Improved, SQLite 3, or PgSQL. Most likely, there is only MySQL or something similar, so this should be the right choice for you. If you have the option between MySQL and MySQL Improved, usually the Improved is the better choice.

Database Host:
This is the server where the database is. Unless told otherwise by your host, this should be localhost. This option is not necessary for SQLite installations.

Database Username:
This is the username you created or you use to access your database for MyBB. This option is not necessary for SQLite installations.

Database Password:
This is the password for the database username that you entered. This option is not necessary for SQLite installations.

Database Name:
This is the name of the database that you would like MyBB to install to. This option is not necessary for SQLite installations.

Database Path:
This is the path where you want to save the SQLite file. This option is only necessary if you have selected SQLite 3.

Table Prefix:
This is the prefix for the tables in the database. Unless you already have a MyBB installation in the database you entered with the prefix mybb_  ,you should leave this how it is. If you do already have a MyBB installation in the database, you should change it to something else.

Once you have entered the details correctly, you should click on the Next button on the page. If the installer cannot access the database, you will be told so, meaning you did not enter one (or more) of the details correctly.

If you are having trouble with this step, contact your web host to see what is the correct host, username, password combination to use. This usually can be found in your host’s control panel (eg. cPanel, Ensim, DirectAdmin, Plesk).

Screenshot: http://i63.tinypic.com/xgfpsw.png

Table Creation:
In this step, the database tables are inserted. No user input is needed on this page, so click the Next button when it appears. This page may take several moments to load, so please be patient while it does and inserts the database tables.

Screenshot: http://i68.tinypic.com/6yp2z9.png

Data Insertion:
In this step, the default data is inserted into the database tables created above. No user input is needed on this page, so click the Next button when it appears.

Screenshot: http://i63.tinypic.com/30ljgo2.png

Theme Installation
The theme data is loaded into the forum at this point. No user input is needed on this page, so click the Next button when it appears again....

Screenshot: http://i64.tinypic.com/qrxcgo.png

Board Configuration
These are settings that are critical to running your board. MyBB tries to fill these settings with the correct value; however, you should double check to make sure these settings are set properly. These settings can be changed later if required.

Forum Name
This is the name of the forums that you are installing. By default, it is Forums.

Forum URL
This is the URL to your forums. This should be filled in automatically, but it is always good to make sure that the URL is correct. Remember that there should not be a trailing slash.

Website Name
This is the name of your website (if you have one). This setting is for the Your Website link at the bottom of the forums. The name is simply the text that you wish to use for the your website link.

Website URL
This is the URL to your website (if you have one). If you do not have a website, you can either leave it blank or enter your forums URL.

Cookie Domain
This is the domain for the cookie to be set to. In 1.4 and later, this field is pre-filled with the appropriate data.

Cookie Path
This is the path for the cookie to be set to. If you have more than one MyBB installation on the domain, it is recommended that you change this to the path to your forum (for instance, /forums/). In versions 1.4 and later, this field is pre-filled with the appropriate data.

Contact Email
This is your email address that your members can contact you by via the Contact Us link at the bottom of your forum. This is also the forum webmaster’s email that will be used when the forum sends emails.

Screenshot: http://i64.tinypic.com/2mnp5xe.png

Administrator User Account Setup:
The administrator account is the first account on your forum (identified by the user ID #1). This account has permissions to all sections in the Admin CP.


This is the username of the administrator account that you are creating.

Password and Retype Password

This is the password for the administrator account. Be sure to type it in correctly in both fields.

Email Address
This is the email address that the administrator account will be created with.
Screenshot: http://i63.tinypic.com/6xqb6b.png

Finishing MyBB Setup Installation:
Congratulations! You have successfully installed your MyBB. You should remove the /install directory from your server now to prevent anyone else from running the installation again. MyBB will not run unless the installer is removed or locked.

If you simply wish to lock your MyBB install directory, create a new file in the install directory called lock , which will disallow access to the installer/upgrader while it exists.
Screenshot: http://i67.tinypic.com/35dch28.png

MyBB Security Setup After Installation:

Renaming Admin Directory Folder:
Rename admin directory either in file manager at web host or through FTP Client

open ./inc/config.php file in a code editor (eg. notepad++) and change below to show your new admin directory

PHP Code:
$config['admin_dir'] = 'admin'

You can change it like this, to anything you want.

PHP Code:
$config['admin_dir'] = 'admin871'

Adding Admin Control Panel PIN (Recommended to do):
With MyBB 1.8, an Admin Control Panel “Secret PIN” setting was added to the core, inspired by a popular community tutorial. To enable the PIN:

-  Open up: inc/config.php

-  Find or Add:
PHP Code:
php $config['secret_pin'

- Set the variable to a value, such as (or whatever you want it to be):
Quote:'1234' or '9821'

- Done - Remember click Save before you leave!!

Hide all Admin Links (Recommended):
If you wish to hide all Admin CP links on the front end of the board after renaming your Admin CP directory.

- Open up: /inc/config.php

- Find or Add
PHP Code:
$config['hide_admin_links'] = 0

- Now change it from 0 - to 1
PHP Code:
$config['hide_admin_links'] = 1

Done! - Remember click Save before you leave!!

Hope this tutorial is helpful! Smile
Look at this place... Fifty thousand people used to live in this city. Now it's a ghost town... I've never seen anything like it.
That's one good looking tutorial - Appreciated you effort, JamesB.
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Thats the best tutorial you have shared with us buddy. +1 reputation for this buddy as you have not copied the tutorial.
Such a nice tutorial. when i need this i google it. however you copy it all but it's useful for vps owners.
but be careful for copy pasting. try to manage your own tutorial which you first checked yourself.

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