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Best Amateur cheap DSLR
can somebody give me an advice ? I'm still thinking about buying a canon or niken .-.
The best DSLR for an amateur is the one you have in your hands when you "see" that great photo you want to shoot.


So many people spend so much time agonizing over megapixels, top shutter speeds, dials, whistles, and bells, that they are wasting time NOT taking pictures!

ALL of the entry level DSLRs out there now are more alike than different from one another. The major brands (Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony) all make good camera bodies and there is a huge selection of great lenses out there --both new and used.

Determine your budget. Get the best "glass" (lens) you can afford for that amount. The lens is doing all the heavy lifting here. The camera body is actually secondary.

A great lens on a cheap body makes wonderful photos possible. A cheap lens on the best body available will still only provide mediocre photos.

I suggest Nikon & Canon intro cameras for their consistency and availability of a very large number of lenses.

I suggest a wide range "zoom" lens for your first primary lens, so you will be less limited to what kinds of scenes you can photograph. If you can find one with "macro" abilities, all the better.

Let me put out some numbers:
If I could budget $2,000 for a camera and stuff, I'd spend $1,000 to $1,200 on a great, flexible zoom lens, $400 to $600 on the camera (and sell the cheap lens that comes with it), $200 or so on a tripod with a ball head, and use whatever was leftover for a lens brush, bag, strap, extra SD cards, and extra battery pack.

Flash, filters, specialty items, and all that stuff can wait. Ask for them for your birthday (grin).
It is really hard to answer this question because the word "cheap" is not an exact amount, a 100$ camera is really cheap and a 500$ DSLR is rather cheap and while both are still cheap you barely can expect the 100$ one to be a real DSLR camera and it would probably be a good compact one because you can't even find a used D40 from Nikon for this price and that makes it really hard to find any DSLR camera that works.

By the way there are good cameras in each range of price that I will cover some in this post :

1. 200$ - 300$ : I will not start with under 200$ because there is no good DSLR camera in that range and if you can't afford this range then it would be better to get a good compact than a very old DSLR camera. This range is really tight and you may not be able to get a Nikon or Canon one for this range of price but you can get some options. If you want to start with 200$ then you can get a "Olympus Evolt E510" which is not that great but still produces many good 10MP images that are better than many compact cameras and also it is a SLR camera so you can use your own lenses and make great scenes. If you go a little bit higher then you would be able to buy a "Canon EOS Rebel T5" used and that would be great because Canon EOS Rebel T5 is one of the top 10 DSLR cameras in my list and it really is capable of producing great images and also it is not old so provides lot of new features that you won't get if you go for second hand old DSLR cameras from Nikon. There are many other used options available in this range but I would go for something not that old even if it still provides great images because for example a HDMI port always comes handy so getting an old one might not satisfy all of your expectations and only give you a good image.

2. 300$ - 400$ : from this range we start to see some entry-level DSLR cameras but still you can get used one of higher range which I think is better. So in this range you can get a brand new EOS Rebel T5 which I told about in previous range and you can also get a Nikon D3300 for around 370$ which is a good camera too, I prefer a T5 in this price range to Nikon but it is always up to you and fortunately there are at least 10 comparison of these two available in internet that you can find with a simple search and then decided based on the picture examples you see. Now what about the used options you have in this price range ? in this range you can decide on two type of options, one is getting for example one used T5 with a used second lens and the second type is getting a used higher model for example Nikon D5300. I would personally go for the first one because any way you need lenses when you get a DSLR camera and the whole point of getting DSLR camera is using different lenses to create great photos but if you want to go for the second type of options then I recommend you to get a used D5300 which is a really great DSLR camera and would suffice many users.

3. 400$+ : in this range you can get many great brand new DSLR cameras or you can get a used camera and a set of lenses (that's what i prefer). I will not name any camera for this range because it really depends on how much you want to spend and if you spend more for sure you can get a better DSLR camera.

So in the end I really recommend you to think about what you are going to do with your DSLR camera and if you realized that you might need some lenses then review prices again because we all know that a single lens can be more expensive than the whole camera itself and you might need to put aside some money for the lenses.

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