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What new piece of tech are you the most hyped about?
the tech I'm hyped about is the Nintendo Switch a hand held game console all in one looks really cool looking forward to see what game comes with it and how the graphics are and game play.
I'm currently looking forward to what virtual reality technology would come, as of now I can say that it grows pretty much fast. I dream of a world where we can play an MMO like they do in SAO Smile
VR, VR and VR. It would be cool if there was a tech in the near future, which will let you feel games and movies as if you were a part in it. I'd love to be in Minecraft Tongue. Like, running and viewing things in Middle-earth, or in Hogwarts, casting spells, It would be like you're in a dream world. I just hope this is not quite far. We already have Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, VR Box'es, HTC Vive, and I just hope soon there would be something to even feel in VR, but with a little less amount of felling?. Most of us wouldn't fancy getting hit in the chest with a Sword from a Empress of time, or getting pulled by Hermione and thrown into the Shrieking Shack (If you know what I mean). Coming soon. in the far near future. Big Grin
Thank you FreeDomain.Club For my VPS.

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