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How to use VPS as a proxy server?
I'm wondering how to use VPS as proxy server.
Does anyone do it.
It depends on what kind of proxy you are looking for or maybe you are even looking for a VPN instead of a proxy?

You can use your VPS as a HTTP proxy with Squid3 on pretty much every OS. I have written a script that will install Squid3 automatically and also set it up automatically with a username and password login. After that all you have to do is specify your server IP and port 3128 in a browser as the HTTP proxy and finally login with the user account you created during installation. And that's it. You have a anonymous Squid3 proxy running with authentication.

URL: https://github.com/hidden-refuge/spi
Installation & Usage: https://github.com/hidden-refuge/spi/wiki/Usage

Alternatively you can setup a 3proxy SOCKS5 proxy if you have to proxy other protocols than HTTP. I have a guide for that, too.

URL: https://freevps.us/thread-15471.html
Semi-automatic Installer: https://freevps.us/thread-15646.html

Another more secure SOCKS5 proxy is ShadowSocks which uses encryption to secure all your traffic.

A guide: https://freevps.us/thread-16882.html

For VPNs I recommend the multiprotocol VPN server SoftEther VPN Server.

Guide: http://blog.lincoln.hk/blog/2013/03/19/s...er-on-vps/
I honestly didn't have a clue this could be done ...
Definitely sticking this up as well. Big up to this forum - Underestimated at the first sight!
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Either Squid or Tinyproxy (much better & easier to set up imo)
I just create a ssh tunnel when I need a SOCKS5 proxy to access the internet. It's very simple. Smile

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