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Which games are you playing?
eh Minecraft XD, a bit of VC-MP (Not much atm), and when I'm bored I play NFS and Age Of Empires depending on the mood, but recently I seem to want to play Ultimate Spider-Man (LOL)
Thank you FreeDomain.Club For my VPS.
I played Minecraft before both PC and PE I also play Mobile Legends everyday lol
CSGO, but I don't play in the csgo, I would like to play in csgo roulette or csgo dice.
At the moment just replaying old Fallout games like Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Got copies from GOG - so all up to date, with DLCs and no DRM.
I am going back to younger age. i was install Nentendo NES games emulator in my smartphone and about 1000+ nentendo, atari game roms also. wow. i know the poor graphics but it is a good timepass.

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