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Which games are you playing?
Hello folks,

which games are you actually playing mostly?

For me its:
Battlefield 4 and already the Battlefield 1 Trial (after that the full game, just preordered on annoucement Smile)
League of Legends and often Rocket League.

Whats with you guys?
My top 3 list looks like this (from most played to not so much played):
  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
Oh, man. Oh, man! Well, being honest I mostly play one game which is League of Legends. But as you are a LoL player yourself, probably know there are moments where you just cant handle it anymore and get tilted so hard that youre forced to take a pause from the toxicity of the game. That's when I go for minecraft, but not the standrad one, or "vanilla" how most would call it. I play a progressive mod on the "Feed The Beast" Launcher which is called "FTB Infinity Evolved". It has 150+ mods and its just crazy amounts of fun. I would recommend you to try it, but can't do much if you're not into Minecraft. Peace
I haven't played games in forever because of school but I liked playing GTA San Andreas and RuneScape [if that counts]
(10-21-2016, 09:51 PM)oldspice Wrote: I haven't played games in forever because of school but I liked playing GTA San Andreas and RuneScape [if that counts]

I tried OSRS, but stopped because playing it alone sucks Big Grin
1. Warspear Online (mmorpg): http://warspear-online.com/ - Most of the free time. I play it about 3 years and can't stop Wink
2. Astral Tournament (old offline card war game): the official site died. I met it in the beginning of the millenium and can't find the better one of this kind. Help me ?
3. Lost Labyrinth (offline RPG simple and interesting): http://lostlabyrinth.com/ . The oldschool graphic game with the ability to build different characters to play. Good for short breaks indeed.
4. And sometimes I rememorize my very-very-very favourite game: American Mcgee's Alice. There is nothing better it. Don't argue  Tongue
Paladins, Minecraft, NBA 2k17 and that's pretty much it. Though I admit they take a huge bite out of my time Tongue
I mostly play CSGO,SAMP,The crew,and Mafia 3 but my favorite one is csgo which in my opinion is the best fps game
I usually play Minecraft a lot, other than Minecraft, Vice City Multiplayer, Age of Empires 3, Slither.io (if that counts). But incase of Android games: Clash Of Clans, MinecraftTongueocket Edition, TubeStar.
Thank you FreeDomain.Club For my VPS.
Also, if you know some good indie games, then recommend them to me! Doesn't matter if they are free or paid.

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