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Be a Programmer - Complete Guide

I suggest using code.org maybe? it's a great site for programming like
Code of hour.
You could start off reading basic concepts on w3 schools, then you can challenge yourself to try out what you've learned at codeacademy. There are also a lot of languages you can learn from that website. Additionally one of the best teachers in the world in my opinion is youtube.
it depends on which platform you wanna code for i would suggest python or php these are two strongest programing language they worth the time
Great tutorial, but I don't want to pour coffe on my pc whould I buy a cup who doesn't fall? =p Maybe......................... I think no, just have caution, Programming for me equals to enjoy, so he is correct =p, Anyways, this helped me, because I didn't know what to learn to be a Web Dev as I will be one... I'll make a online store later, i'll code all lol
For an online store you could always use a CMS which is easier to setup and so much easier to customize. Also some CMS are tailored for online stores. so It's very much suited for you.
I started a small program on Visual Basic to calculate the circumference of the circle but why must we get a cup of tea? xD

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