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Should I use free domains (.tk, etc.)?
Freenom isn't good, I had a domain at Freenom, but nah, I just go back to dot.tk, It still good for a starter website for a person without too much money, Some other company's give free domain as

I got my free domain at that, and it give a free website with alot of functions, I still using that, One other you can use is 000webhost but is same company as Hostinger with some different things, I used 000webhost for arround 6 months, It was a very good website for free with a domain, arround google, you can find alot of websites who give different domains for free, you should use google to get a domain, as me =p

I'll give 2 locations to get some good domain for free:
1. http://www.dot.tk
2. http://www.freenom.com (I recommend, if getting a .tk domain, direct get from http://www.dot.tk
if you want to learn domain ..
take one of them but my recommendation is .me domain from namecheap
(08-22-2016, 10:21 AM)rany Wrote: I am thinking of creating a website which uses the .tk tld.
I am not sure if this is safe or a good idea, so I thought of asking here Smile .


TLD? Not.
Safe? Define.
Good idea? Would rather gather some points here. Cool
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it's a good idea if your want to learn about domain management/server management/etc.. After your learn everything that you need from there and you think that you have to go..
get your own domain with your own money

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