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Should I use free domains (.tk, etc.)?
Freenom are absolutely terrible, and your site will also not get ranked in Google or other search engines and will be considered cheap to your visitors!

Also, Freenom suspend accounts for being popular so you can lose all your work if you use them!
(09-09-2016, 10:43 AM)devilalice Wrote: Just the thought, how easy is for customers to switch new web address. From this point of view, you always can choose the crappy/buggy/humpty name, right ?

Most of the time you can just change the server configs then switch out the new domain.
But sometimes you need to configure things on the software running on the web stack.
Don't use freenom it shit


read this Topic
You get what you pay for. Their freemium revenue model comes with many strings attached. Part of their revenue model involves monetizing the traffic from abandoned domains via an ad network. They intend for  customers to build traffic to the domain, which they can take over for a variety of reasons, and then collect advertising revenue. Domains that are no longer used by the registrant or are expired are taken back by Freenom and the residual traffic is sold to advertisement networks.  The other part of their revenue model is upselling customers to paid domains or other white label services (such as hosting or SSL certificates). Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
Buy one. A free domain could get removed to anytime. And a bought domain is more serious.
It is always not a good idea to use a free tld for a website because first you will have seo problems and that's because google knows all free tlds and also knows that many of websites built on top of these tlds are scam so you will have a hard time appearing in google search results and the second reason is the people itself. I mean many people know that .tk websites are mostly scam so even if they see your website url somewhere in internet they will not click on it that easily. I think the only use of .tk domains is when you want to test something with a domain, for example you want to test and see if your webserver is understanding domains correctly or everything is alright with your dns provider and things like that.

And there is another reason why not to go with a .tk domain, I had an API running on a .tk domain and suddenly the domain suspended while there was absolutely no website on the domain and no content and the API was getting used inside another service and was not public and so like many others I find out that .tk domains are not that reliable so I used my server IP address for that API instead Big Grin
It's obviously not safe considering they're free, kinda obvious
To be honest I used .ml(same as .tk) for like 1 year and its still working even tho you have 1 year free contract. For me that's a good deal and also to learn more about domains. I use that domain just as a basic.
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(09-17-2016, 04:12 PM)kortek Wrote: ...I mean many people know that .tk websites are mostly scam so even if they see your website url somewhere in internet they will not click on it that easily. 

Oh, really ? Me not. Only internet addicted web developers know that. My grandpa doesn't know it, my fulltime working brother doesn't know it, the sister's cat also doesn't know it while walking or sleeping on the laptop keyboard. I've checked it. Trust me.

Moreover, it doesn't matter what's the web address (long, short, .tk or .xxx) if you're sure that the destination is what you need. The last is gained by links from social net so called friends nowadays, right ?
I definately don't recommend using a free domain. Well yeah, it's nice that you don't have to pay for it, but this also won't make you the owner of the domain. By this I mean that the registry can simply take away your domain when they want to have it back. Why would you use a free domain? You can rent a domain for less than a dollar (think of namecheap for example), of which you are have the full ownership. Why wouldn't you pay a little bit of money for it?
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