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what is cheapest domain site ?
Yeah, namecheap is good domain register service with small prices and often discounts and promotions. My friend buy domain for 0,08 cent!
Buy one from GoDaddy and use coupon code "CJC99ZCOM1" at check out for $0.99 domain.  Smile

Hope this helps.  Smile
Go for Namecheap or GoDaddy for sure.They are the best in the CLASS.
everyone has own choice but NameCheap is very cool they really cheaper then other sites
i just recommend you Namecheap.com you can also get .me free domain from namecheap company only for Students
Well it all depends on what exactly do you have. Is is cheaper renewal rates ? or cheap domain registrations ? etc.

If you want to buy a domain name then test it for a year and keep it only if it's worth enough then you should buy the domain from a registrar which offer cheap registrations. At end of the year if their renewal prices are too high then you can transfer the domain to a registrar who has cheaper renewal rates. If you are dealing the frequent domain buying your clinets and your use then this is the best method. This is what I do too.

I always use Godaddy to registrar new .com domains because they always do have cheap rates. I keep most domains at Godaddy since I do have a Discount Club account and get a good renewal rate. But for those who have couple of domains it's better move those to a place like NameCheap or NameSilo.

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