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Which mail service is the best & why?
i would say protonmail.com because of it's security and their treatment of it's users privacy.
I use Gmail. I use MAIL.com for my forum's email though. (The email that sends activation links and stuff) Mostly because when I made one in Gmail it got suspended after it tried to send the email because idk why. And MAIL.com is simple and doesn't have anything unnecessary.
protonmail - security
gmail - the best one (yt, disc, g+, mail in one)
aol and yahoo - still good but blocked by many sites
I use Outlook for my personal and my school's email account and I use Yandex for domain to send the emails from my forums software and stuff like that, but I plan to host it on a VPS because it makes it easier and because Yandex is a Russian company and you can't trust Russia with your data for sure.
currently i'm using Gmail,Outlook and My own website's mail. my website is under constructions.

if anybody have knowledge about Mybb forum and VPS and want to join us please contact me.

our company is for P4H (Post for host) Service for Game servers.
I have so many e-mail accounts they make me dizzy at times. I've got a few each of hotmail, gmail, yahoo, protonmail, even an old lycos account. A few years back Yahoo was my favourite and I had two accounts that had almost all of my correspondence in it. I had an issue with getting into one of them once, finally managed to get in, but then decided to diversify. Gmail is my favourite these days with hotmail a close second. It's quite an art to manage them particularly when I travel from one country to another as then these guys insist to check out my credentials. Gmail has the least hazzle with checking. Hotmail and Yahoo the most.
For me GMail because its so fast unlike Outlook, Mail and other Mail service

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