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Which mail service is the best & why?
I just use my OVH server's mail system that allows me to have my domain as an email service, so I have jamie at 101gamers com

Works extremely well and doesn't get on blacklists unlike gmx.

Hate gmail's privacy policies/issues and general layout so erm, I don't ever have used it.
I use Gmail, simply because both my personal mail and my e-mail for work are hosted over there. Not only do I like the User Interface of Google/ Gmail more than almost any mail client, I also use a lot of services like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar. I think it comes in handy using just one login for many services.
I'm Rick, programmer and Linux addict.
I use Gmail, America Online, and mail.com from 1and1. All three work perfectly
I use Gmail as my main account, because it's really simple way for me to share some files with others or send them to school if I did some pictures on a school trip / event and Outlook is pretty okay too, I use it for my project(s) inquiries. And answer to Kortek about inactive Outlook accounts - I have one and they haven't deleted it, even though it has been inactive for like 4 years.
Ever heard of PrivateEmail? I got it free with the GitHub student pack offer along with the free .me domain for a year. Its UI is sick.
I think gmail is best. It has the best client and interface. Since it is google the email account also works with other thing such as Youtube
I've been running with gmail for a few years now. It's just the simplest and at the same time most complex of them all. For special occasions I use Tutanota. If you haven't heard about them they one of the best clearnet services assuring your privacy and strictly encoding messages sent withing the service.
For personal use I prefer Gmail as I do not need a lot, but for my smaller projects and communities I prefer Outlook mailboxes due to their possibilities.
Proton mail is the best for anonymity purposes. It is highly encrypted email service and also it is free. It provides 500 mb storage for emails.
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I use gmail too. Gmail can connect to other google apps like drive, so its convenient to users who have to receive mail with attachments larger than 25MB. Also, if you have an android phone, you will most probably use gmail.

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