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Just made my own search engine. And need a feedback
Sorry to burst your bubble,but it is not a real 'your own search engine'.Its just like using using phpfox to create a new social networking site and saying I have created my new Facebook.However,its good that you have started somewhere and creating a simple search engine is not that difficult.You can pretty much use basic scripting to create one and then you need to maybe create a crawler to crawl sites and update your database.It gets complicated after that plus you will a lot of space and loads of bandwidth to keep the wheel turning.In this age of google,I dont think another search engine is required as there are already good alternatives like yahoo,bing,etc.However,somebody such as myself would appreciate a better search engine system for onion sites or zeronet sites.So,maybe you can do something in that direction.Best of luck.
Why does your search says its a 'google custom search'?
and the ads are 'by google'?
anyway it would be useful if you could index .orion urls
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I have edit the theme. You may now check. I know it's Google's API but I'm not a highly trained programmer. I'm just 14. I'm working hard to make it successful. I know that I cannot dare to challenge Google. But I made it for my relatives. But I get traffic from others too. I just made it for fun. Yes, I will add banners to earn money. The website is still in beta mode. I've improved a lot. Just go fix mobile usability. I've added a good template of my own.
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Website looks really nice, search engine is what it is, again, website is looking nice and clean.
I've added the FAQ page too so that you all can get answered with your queries about Boxodex.

Link to FAQ page :- http://boxodex.com/faq.php
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Since you use Google search API its basically Google search engine. That API is useful when you want to setup search function for a web site. But creating a web site just for that is no so useful. Why should people use your search rather than Google it self ? What advantages do they have ?

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