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Just made my own search engine. And need a feedback
Hello guys, 

Recently I've made my own search Engine named Boxodex. I made it using Google CSE. I want some help. Can you please suggest me something? I would be happy to index your website. .ml domain is just for testing. I will buy my own domain soon. (Or gotta cliam from FDC). I hope somebudy feedbacks me.

Thank you.

(I am sorry if i am in a wrong section)
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Well, I dont see any link nor can find your website searching for "Boxodex" on google...
So how may I give you any kind of feedback? Big Grin
with best regards,
(mit freundlichen Grüßen,)

(07-16-2016, 06:48 AM)28daniel28 Wrote: Well, I dont see any link nor can find your website searching for "Boxodex" on google...
So how may I give you any kind of feedback? Big Grin
He said that the website is in a .ml domain (http://boxodex.ml)

I think it's only google but you can also add websites to the search engine. I think that if you want it to become a big search engine you must develop your own 'search software' (I don't know how to correctly say it in English Sad )

Best regards
Stupid me, I could've thought about that @serverresi Big Grin

I dont know about Google CSE, but obviously if you are using Google for your search requests I see no point in using your search "engine" instead of Google.
Google can still log everything then and see everything you search for, right?
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Hey, sorry, but I don't like your concept. You use a Google Powered Searchbox. That's not a own search machine. Or is it possible to modify a Google Powered Search bar, "for better finding"?
Well as a first attempt not bad. I will suggest you to make a better effort on it. We already have google for it. It is just like google but only the name changes. Make your own costumasion about the logo. Even tho as your first time good job. You can also practice more with that until you make a better effort. Good job
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Well, you might find my opinion hard, but well, it is:

Why do you open something like this? Actually, what you are doing is 'competing' with Google using Google's own API.. If you want to create something like this, but also other services, you need to be different. Why do we need to use Boxodex instead of Google?
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>White background
>Black Letters
>Red outlining around letters
>Stretched logo image
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hello Manal

LEL nice how you do that?

it is true it your own? and did you earning with advertisement or it just. copy a image of google
Sounds like a great idea but the website itself is very plain... Could use a background... Maybe you should try developing your own search engine software?

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