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Free Windows Desktop VPS! - BETA access - Phone Required
(06-28-2016, 11:04 AM)Honey Wrote: Hey members,

Today I'll introduce you guys to a new service known as Liquid Sky.They're comparatively new and thus they want to give free beta access to their customers, Just like how Oxcean offered free VPSes for the first month!

All you need for applying for one is a working email and a working phone number as they will SMS / Call ( Choice ) you for verification, works in any country!
So what are you waiting for? you can apply now!
If you  want to say thanks you can use my referral link for registration, I'll be delighted! Here it is : https://liquidsky.tv/r/Yd-TH5I
If you do not want to say thanks, here is the normal link Tongue https://liquidsky.tv

I personally applied too but not approved yet, Lets see if it works!
If you are accepted, post below!


I have applied for it. But I don't know whether it is legit or not. I have recieved confirmation emails at my spam inbox. So, I think its also a kinda spam or scam

Anyways, I hope its not. I  didn't use the referral link. Sorry for that

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