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How did you learn how to design?
Hehe i need to learn too, I never thought of tutorials but those are good. Also you could try experimenting and reading help files (which may actually help sometimes). Also another good program to look at is Inkscape. Also powerpoint can be abused too.
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Started with Paint, having a bit fun, drawing characters then making them look funny, then I wanted to go to the next level, then started using Paint.NET, then after having quite fun, started working with Picasa, and it wasn't much... Then finally got introduced to GIMP and it's my favorite program for editing and designing photos and images and textures.
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I'd say using tutorials, try and understand each technique and associate techniques with others to get an idea of how they can work together. i wouldn't consider myself a designer per se, but I enjoy playing around in Gimp to try out a few things
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I just mostly used Photoshop for fun and slowly learned a bit of the buttons and tricks. Also, I watch a lot of tutorials fore Adobe software and those help.
Just google something that you want to learn.. ex "How to smudge painting in photoshop" and google will properly sort any website or post that related to it.
i hate photoshop but now i start learning on wordpress and photoshop too. when i've learned. me and my cousin working on a site. it'll be publish soon.
I use GIMP quite a lot and tbh I mainly tought myself as I usually do just by playing around and when I get stuck I will use the most powerful educational tool known to mankind... Google! I will simply google "gimp how to 'xyz'", and I found that with GIMP being part of the GNU/Linux community that here is a near unlimited amount of info online to learn from, I have often used youtube tutorials but find that it takes much longer to learn exactly what I want learn, obviously searching for exactly what you want to know will yield faster results for the specific things you need to learn.
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Design? Mother's milk.
Coding from various Tutorials through Google, Youtube, CodeAcademy, W3Schools, Snippets ..
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I have always been a fan of art since I was a kid, and since then I did sketching and painting. Right now I am working as a back-end developer but I always see to it that I exercise the creative side of my brain. What I can say to you is don't give up, you may end up having very crappy designs at the beginning but at least you have produced something. To tell you frankly, professional designers in our company even take months to finalize designs for games, websites and other stuffs. And mostly some of their designs just get scrapped because it's not what the boss wants. When I was trying to learn 3d modeling I couldn't even make a model of a hand in a day, but now I can model a whole person in a few hours. I only takes a lot of practice and dedication. Also try watching youtube videos of tutorials and tips, it helps a lot.
I learned how to design by using Macromedia Flash at first, because I could make a really cool looking website using Macromedia Flash. I especially enjoyed making the buttons, I was 13-14 back then.

Now I prefer html over everything else, I dont really know how to design except in Macromedia, but things chance as you grow old. I still enjoy what I learned back then. I do want to learn how to use Photoshop,php and html so I can design my own websites, because I think that for picky users nothing is good as long as its not made by you and thats how I am.

I hope that I will learn in the future to do my own designs and not having to rely on free templates or having to search on google for leaked premium templates, but rather have a template that I can call my own Smile

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