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How to idle steam cards on VPS
I've just checked Steam terms of service, and can confirm that this is ilegal, it's only allowed trading bots.
It imitates the process of the game, it is not trading card generator. It is the same if you start the game and alt+tab it. It idling cards. The time by which the program will be credited to the game which program imitates
good guide! helped me a lot to set up ASF on my vps...
Step (7) however could be explained a bit clearer. I got stuck there and it took me a while until I realised that I have to download and extract the zip on my own computer and not on the vps. My bad though Wink
anyways good job and thanks a lot Big Grin
I joined just yesterday and I likewise discovered this site while looking for a free vps. My ISP doesn't do port sending and static IP comes just with SOHO arranges, so VPS is the main route for me have a go at facilitating some individual administrations.
nice guide, this guide seems like what i do for farm trading cards, but i have lots of error when compiling mono, so just reinstall vps and worth it
Thanks for the tutorial! Will use some time in the future if I get a Linux vps.
Bump, I created ezinstall script so... Check it out Smile https://puuska.pw/asf.php
Also if you do not want to install it on VPS, check my new service https://hourboost.info Big Grin Best regards, Puuska.
Hey when ever i do the ./cc.sh part i get an error that says "You've attempted to build ASF with unsupported Mono version!"

Please help
I think it's better to explain something about steam cards first. after it this post can be more useful for all members.

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