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11 Tips for creating quality content
The Quality Content is King

Quality Content - SEO | Currently one of the main google positioning and rankeamento factors is content. Having your site updated each, and bring many visitors with different keywords can give the user a view that your site is not fully abandoned. It's good you get into any website and see a story "chilled" is not true See the 11 tips for creating quality content?
1 - Quality Language
Mainly use English correctly. Make a simple and objective reading, give confidence to your user.
2 - Original Content
Never copy article without entering the source, as it may be penalized by google. If you found an interesting article and want to insert on your site, add to the end of the article the source from which you copied the article.
3 - Add style to your article
Enter H2 for sub-titles, and H3 for sub sub-titles. Use bold and italics to highlight parts and keywords important content. Use markers to leave the reading topics and place images to make a pleasant and attractive reading.
4 - correct Headings
At home, use H1 and H2 for the title for article titles, categories, etc. In the articles, use H1 in the article title and H2 for sub-titles, and H3 for sub sub-titles.
5 - Links Nofollow
Always use nofollow links on affiliate backlinks or pages that do not add value.
6 - Navigation and Usability
Through menus, categories and related articles, in order to lead the user to other matters of your site. also install the Rich Snippets for the user to vote for their materials.
7 - Title and Alt
Always use title and alt links to specify that it is the subject linked and alt the images in the case of no load image, it will display the alt text that would be an image of the attribute, which describes in description a few words image.
8 - Banners and Adsense
The google and users hate enter any site and have very banners, especially the "flasher".
9 - Link Building
Link on these keywords to link the content, but also consider external links to relevant issues relate to yours, and give the user a great experience, it adds value to google and the user.
10 - CSS and Javascript
Use external CSS in the header and call scripts and javascript footer.
11 - page loading
Use the gzip decompression for css and javascript, do it with the page speed. With this 11 tips if you have quality content, let your not very extensive content but too flashy.
And what strategy you use to get your quality content?
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Great points you explained in this post . It is true that search engines like google gives much importance on high quality and unique content. Also long articles are also good for the site.
However, It's a good and informative Post. #Keep it up! SmileSmileSmile
I am Groot
You have to be careful about how to manage out going links. If you have too many nofollow out going links then it can effect your SERP. Also there should couple of do follow links to related authority sites or pages to make content look natural rather than over optimized.
I think you should mention about this too :- Backlinks which helps alot to earn SEO scores.
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One way to make sure that you have quality content and quality SEO, in general, is simply to look at websites already ranking on the various search engines for different phrases. Obviously, they aren't doing anything wrong or they wouldn't be where they are. Also, another thing you can do is look at their backlinks using various premium backlink checkers.

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