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How long does it take you to finish a site?


I do not do web designing often, but when I do then for myself, because my skills aren't good, but a simple website that I use to promote myself takes around 4 hours from my day.


I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to styling a page, so it takes me hours or even days sometimes to get a style for a website done. I first choose the color scheme, then what type of design (i guess?) I'm gonna use (material design, just flat, gradients...). Then I finally start creating the CSS which also takes me a while Tongue

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How long is a piece of string? (sorry thats what I was always told as kid whenever I asked how long anything would be) Well it comes to a few things really, like how good (or fast) of a coder you are, how fast you can type without mistakes, whether you have an idea already, if you code the whole thing from scratch (or cheat with a template). If you look at the big ongoing websites, like facebook as an example, they will never be 'finished', they are constantly being updated on a daily basis, facebook recently updated there 'What's on your mind?' textbox so it acts like a modal with a darkened background (which is really cool).

As a rule though, if you are building a simple one pager then anywhere from a couple of hours to a week depending how much time you spend on any given aspect of the design, as others have said some people can spend an eternity on the asthetic design and do the coding in a few hours, other will do very little with the asthetic side and spend weeks or months (or more) on the coding side, I'm currently building my own CMS system built in PHP-7.1, HTML5, Javascript and CSS3, I started this project about 5 days ago and I'm probably about half way through the coding side, but as I'm a perfectionist (I'm a Libra) I will then probably spend a couple of months on the asthetic design work, choosing very specific colours and cool designs on the little things like buttons etc, I once spent 3 weeks designing a header! Will you be downloading things like vector graphics or creating them yourself?

Essentially it comes down to many factors, but here is a few rules of thumb:

- A single page site could be coded and designed from scratch in less than a working day.
- A multi-page site with a lot of functionality can take weeks, months or even years (if you work solely).
- Whether you (uh hum cheater ;p) use a pre-built template or design from scratch will significantly decrease orincrease, respectively, build time.
- Whether you are happy with a simple design or whether you need to have to most cutting edge designs and looks.
- What type of code you are using (just HTML or HTML with PHP and Javascript backends).
- How experienced you are and whether you are learning as you go along (which could make it take forever lol)

So yeah, basically dont worry whether it takes an hour or a year, we all go at our own pace and unless you will get fired for not working fast enough etc. then just take your time and get it right, there is nothing worse than a poorly coded and designed website, it will just put people off!
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It took me some days to finish my website and perfected it.Almost a week above.


From a quick draft to a full design usually a few hours, depends ofc. on how complicated look I want on the page.

Without mentioning the coding part ..
~Do not hesitate to ask for Graphics Designing or Web Designing services!


it depends on your creativity "level" ...... you've to always pratice if you want to make design faster faster and more faster
Maybe, it'll take a sort of years but thats ife :'v


That really depends on the skill set of the user and iff your going to use a template or make one of your own that all depends on you


See basically It depends on what kind of content and designs you need in your work. For me making a website perfectly with all plugins and developments,takes a day or a two rarely.


For me designing the uniwebware homepage takes an hour as i have some templates. For the webapps it can take days because of the programming behind it. The difficult part is hosting these sites on the internet.


For design only I will take an hour to finish it but with some functions using core php it will take up to 2-3 days with framework 1-2 days

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