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Does anyone plays Slither.io?
This game is really addictive, I play it more than 1 hour and it's really fun. I have problem when play this game at PC browser, sometime it's really lagging because of connection. So I play this on my Android.
I used to play slither.io until school started. I feel like people are botting too much on games like agario & slither.io for whatever reason though. Also, there's a new game that I saw on Reddit a few weeks back called braains.io and it is nothing like slither or agar. You play as either a zombie or human and depending on what you're playing as, you have to either: stay alive for the most time possible or infect everyone playing.

It rotates by round, so after the timer is up the new round starts. You get points for surviving if you play as a human, and you get to spend those points on ingame items. I thought this braains.io game was pretty fun. I wish I have some time in the future to play it Tongue
Nope. I don't think anybody still plays slither.io! I actually never liked it
I play it long time ago. I always play offline because the lag while playing online. I forgotten my highscore but it was >65k.
Tried it once.
Never played it ever again Tongue - It gets boring and repetitive over time so yeah,I've stopped playing it.
That game is waaay too laggy to play. Both ping wise and resource wise.
It seems like if I was bored had a few minutes to kill (lets say I was compiling some c code).
I do bot its boring now i dont know how to kill people im bigger and cant kill them they ever win
I have its app on my iPad, and it's pretty addictive. The app also has an offline mode (where you play against computer) which is less laggy. I would recommend.  Smile
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