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Does anyone plays Slither.io?
I have mobile broadband connection and i have ~140-190ms ping. All games on this ping is bit laggy. I be in Top10 once on my cousin tablet with their connection. Slither io is funny game, because you musn't be a big snake to defeat anyone.
I played very agar.io which in my opinion is much better than slither.io but recently discovered this new game, the ping is too high for me so it's not possible to play well
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If you enjoyed, please give me your like (:
When I'm bored yes. It's like a PVP version of the original snake game. Doing tricks and all is very satisfying.
I tried it out and it seemed pretty fun... But After playing for a bit, I noticed that it started lagging very intensely with my ping skyrocketing. I'm not exactly sure if it was my Internet or my phone (An iPhone 5s) but it just became unplayable after a short period of time, I guess that I'll try it out at a friends house to see if it works better.

As simple as it is, it's pretty damn addicting :p
I don't like it that much, I enjoyed agar.io much more but everyone has their own decisions, it's too laggy and I encounter some bugs really really often.
it somehow hard to catch snakes while playing on my old packard bell laptop xD
i don't tried this game. but now i'm gonna play it. let's see how's i like this game. but i play the 1 and only MTA SA
I like agar.io more then slither.io. It's just a spin off with snakes so...
Pretty fun, it has a lot of replay value. The canvas based slither.io logo is pretty cool.
I play it sometimes, but the thing is, Its kinda laggy on my PC, idk why perhaps due to no dedicated GPU on my PC, but anyways Its a good game, really fun to play not so fun to play tho when there are other people trying to claim your territory >.<

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