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Does anyone plays Slither.io?
(06-07-2016, 04:28 PM)28daniel28 Wrote: @hisdudeness:
The lags are painful, forgot that. But as Diep and Wings arent that popular yet, they luckily dont lag very much Smile
No, it's just my internet connection.
Actually, internet connection of my neighbour Vadim, who generously offer me his wifi ap, yep.
communism will prevail
Yep! Love it. But due to excessive Lag I had to quit. Anyone know more better games where there are less chance of lag. I use 5mbps Internet. Or Just hoping to play it without lag. Tongue
Thank you FreeDomain.Club For my VPS.
Ohhh this game, it's loads of fun! I like it more than agar.io I think. 

Shame I can't play it on my phone though :/
It's like agar.io. Much fun even if you don't have much time. I like the visuals and the gameplay, but i serieusly HATE lags. They are worse than in agar.io(i die every time i "catch a lag")
The lag really is bad, but it's not the same as agario... It's quite a bit different, espiecially the gameplay.
Almost every time i tried to play slither.io i died after less than 10minutes because of lag spikes. It's not like there are no lags in agar.io, but it was more possible to survive in agar.io
Note that my network connection literally SUCKS Big Grin
slither.io? i played it like 2 or 3 times, even if this is not my type of game since i get bored fast i have to admit that it's better than agar.io (except for server lag)
In my opinion, lag is noticeable in both games(both slither.io and agar.io) but more players played slither.io at once and that's why lag spikes was very ussual...
ok so alot of my friends started to play this game on their phones at my school and I personally don't understand why its so addicting, like it seems kinda over-hyped in my opinion. I've played it before and I don't really get lag spikes though
posting again in the thread, after playing for some days, it's actually fun, and addictive, as soon as you're in the top 5 they will try to kill you they will even work in team

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