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Does anyone plays Slither.io?
Today I was searching for some new games for my phone and found Slither.io
I found it very addictive, have you guys ever played it?
I just tried it. It's like snake meets agar.io. Seemed pretty fun.
Happy to help. PM me or use the Shoutbox to get my attention!
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I heard this first time..I will try this game,it sounds same as agar.io.
Thanks for the instant vps Freedomain.club.. Loved this great service. Smile
Oh, mate that game is just a Time-Sucker, but it does its job extremely good. I've been playing it a lot lately toggether with the other .io games. Nice way to waste some time. Peace
Yes, it's like a snake version of Agar.io, but what I liked is that it is a little bit different, on agar.io you need to "eat" others, in slither.io you need to make them collide with you, to them die and them you can eat xD
saw several youtubers made videos on it, seems really fun, i did try it once but left due to poor connection, will get back to it
I have played it. But Agar.io is more entertaining than Slither.io . I love agar.io more than Slither.io.
I love Slither.io more than Agar.io, but I dont play it much though.
I really think it's pretty entertaining but I dont know why, in my opinion it's more entertaining to watch others play Slither on YouTube than playing it on my own.

I also know Wings.io and Diep.io, they're pretty funny too, but I think they are just like Slither and Agario: Only minigames. Big Grin
with best regards,
(mit freundlichen Grüßen,)

i really want to play it more, but teh lags killing me everytime |:
communism will prevail
The lags are painful, forgot that. But as Diep and Wings arent that popular yet, they luckily dont lag very much Smile
with best regards,
(mit freundlichen Grüßen,)


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