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Free VPS from VPS.ME
(06-19-2015, 11:00 PM)Scáth Wrote: Is this still up for grabs? (sorry for the necropost >.<) if so and you have not had any major issues with it I may be interested....

What even? He is saying vps.me is terrible.
Whatever. VPS.ME have stopped giving free VPSes. However crappy they were, they aren't available now. I still think not having a good VPS is better than a crappy one. Atleast, there's no frustration, I guess.
I was gonna give it a shot if I could talk em down in price, but idk, might not even be worth 100pts... I'll try and find somewhere else...
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Mmh 10gb of bandwith is a bit less for a vps, i think no one will buy it for 100pts (they may suspend too the vps for any reason, consider it too)
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