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Why do YOU Dualboot 2 OS?
Dual boot is the natural transition from "Windows only" to Linux... 5-8 years ago. One day this transformation will be completed with total eliminate of Windows as the main computer bug. With Linux remains happily ever after (it's my case). Some unlucky left the linux experiments and saved Windows. Pity.

For now the combination of Main System + guest OS in VirtualBox works well in any direction. I'd recommend to everyone this way for both unsupported software and proper device support.
because i want to use both windows and linux OS :'v Linux for learning purpose and windows for project,learning,and fun purpose
Right now I do not dualboot due to low-spec PC, but if I will build a new computer, then I might start using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS due to all the open source and freeware and Windows for games and stop jumping from Windows <-> Ubuntu by formatting the disk. But if my favorite games get Linux support then f*** Windows, I go for Ubuntu.
Dual-boot 2 OS is usually good when you have the PC power to handle it, don't forget the space and memory needed to run them. Mot OS have a space requirement and RAM requirement to work corporeally. A lot of people tend to install Linux on a windows base PC because upon boot up you can select which one to boot into. If you are going to be using GPU along side them remember not all GPU's work the same in every OS system some OS's will give you problems installing them while other won't.
(05-17-2016, 04:10 PM)Hagrid Wrote: I do it because i use both linux and Windows alot for developing stuff.

Because Windows 10 runs fairly bad on my PC.
I dual-booted Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 and 8.1 is so much smoother, and faster!
I could have dual-booted Linux, but I didn't want to get into all of that and so I went the easy route of dual-booting Windows with Windows.
I've used ubuntu and win 10 on my gaming rig.

Ubuntu for playing around with programming and neural networks, just for fun, never really succeeded in neural networks xD
Win 10 mainly for all generic stuuf, programming in C# making games, managing websites, gaming, ...

But now i'm using a 100% win10
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Right now I am doing vga passthru with a KVM device setup on my keyboard/mouse so I can switch between OS'es without having to reboot.
This setup does require two graphics cards but that's fine, I use a cheapo card for linux and my good card for windows for gaming. https://wiki.debian.org/VGAPassthrough
I used to have ubuntu and windows 7 installed on my old pc. I used to play around with ubuntu but windows is just way easier to use. I got rid of ubuntu. I like how you can install ubuntu as if it was a program being installed into windows.
I use parrot Linux and Windows 10. Hacking discussions aren't allowed so I won't be telling anything else xD

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